Five Poisoned Apples: Fairy Tale Contest

One thing that every writer must learn is that you cannot wait for inspiration to strike to sit down and write. If you do, you will never write. At least, you will never finish anything. Inspiration more often comes after you’ve had your butt in the chair for a good long while, wept a few tears, spilled a few drops of blood, and perspired heavily over your manuscript. And that’s on a good day.

However, in those rare cases when inspiration does strike out of the blue like a bolt of lightning, you don’t let the moment pass. No matter what. The sheer force of energy that accompanies the sudden recognition of just the right combination of words just may propel you to a few pages of furious scribbling. And after more days than you can count that go more like what is described in the previous paragraph, that’s a big deal.

Hence, last night after I had gone to bed and curled up beneath the quilt I started up, switched on my light, and searched frantically for a nearby notebook and pen.

The result? Pretty much sheer brilliance. (That I’ll probably have to completely rewrite come revision time, but you cares about that right now.)

That’s just how excited I am about the new fairy-tale retelling contest that I get to help announce this morning.

I’ve shared about the Rooglewood Press contests before. I’ve told you about the impact author and founder of the press Anne Elisabeth Stengl has had on my life and my writing. I’ve oohed and aaahed with delight at these cover reveals.

But this one is the biggest yet. Why? It’s your last chance to take the retelling challenge and get your shot at publication in the contest anthology. *cue the confetti canons*

(Also, my last chance to enter. Hence the furious scribbling in the middle of the night. Certain academic pursuits have prevented me from entering in past years.)

But you’ve heard enough of my ramblings. Without further ado, I present….

Five Poisoned Apples

(That’s a Snow White retelling theme, just in case you were confused.)


Rooglewood Press invites you to join the adventure of the Five Poisoned Apples creative writing contest!



The modeling/photography for this beautiful cover was done by Wynter Clark. And the cover design itself is the handiwork of Julia Popova.

Well, what are we waiting for? How would you like to see your name on that cover?

Ready, set, write!


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