Rebecca is a believer and a student, a reader and a writer. She’s a show tune singer, movie line quoter, and polka-dot enthusiast with a passion for football (think Hayden Panettiere in Remember the Titans). Half her blood is Southern and the other half wishes it was, but the Midwest has treated her pretty well too. Rebecca loves Italian food, British accents, and American war movies. She dabbles in theatre with her moment of glory coming in seventh grade when she played a fat-suit-wearing troll in a local production of The Hobbit. Sometimes she fancies herself a comedian (please laugh at her jokes).

Rebecca graduated from Wheaton College with a B.A. in English-Writing and a minor in Biblical & Theological Studies. While her dream is to be a novelist when she grows up, she wouldn’t turn down the opportunity to be a warrior princess should the chance arise.

Rebecca loves Jesus and stories, and that’s why she started to write and then started her blog. She’s passionate about how the best stories point beyond themselves. She loves that stories aren’t just for the literary types, but for everyone.

Rebecca is now ready to stop writing about herself in the third person.

Thanks for dropping by!